12 Apr

Cauciucuri De Vara – Opinii Si Pareri

CADOU Trusa AUTO Medicala la 4 anvelope MICHELIN de Vara sau Cross Climate cumparate ! Da, poate pentru 2 km facuti pe luna in Bucuresti sau in orice alt oras unde ies cu masina doar dupa ce au fost strazile deszapezite, sunt bune si anvelopele alea (de fapt ele tot proaste sunt, doar ca nu sunt folosite in conditii reale de iarna), dar pentru zonele montane ii rog pe toti cei care vad clipul si au anvelope de genul sa se abtina si sa stea cat mai departe de zonele cu zapada adevarata.

Iarna: profilul nu este suficient de adanc(ca sa nu faca zgomot vara pe asfalt) deci pe zapada „pa si pusi”. In al treilea rand, se uzeaza mai repede – nefiind nici suficient de tari vara, nici suficient de moi iarna. Ideal, anvelopa de vara ar trebui sa aibe adancime minima a profilului de 4 mm, daca se depaseste aceasta valoare, aderenta pe carosabilul umed scade considerabil.

Cauciucurile de iarna trebuie inlocuite cu niste cauciucuri de vara daca termometrele arata mai mult de 7 grade Celsius. E vremea sa-ti schimbi anvelopele: Schimb cauciucuri de vara cu cele de iarna + echilibrare roti (plumb inclus in pret), la doar 40 RON in loc de 85 RON. Da, anvelopele all-season pot fi folosite si pe timp de vara dar trebuie tinut cont ca ele au totusi performante inferioare celor de vara, in special pe virajele rapide si la temperaturile inalte din lunile iulie si august.

Am ajuns la ei dupa ce am fost refuzat de vreo 5 vulcanizari din Bucuresti cand le ceream un deviz cu ce s-a executat: montat, echilibrat, etc. Anvelopele all-season prezinta blocuri de profil in zona umerilor cu un numar redus de crestaturi fapt ce le apropie de configuratia anvelopelor de vara. In cazul nostru, 65 este un indicator care ne arata ca inaltimea sectiunii executate transversal pe cauciuc constituie 65% din latimea acesteia.

Nu cred ca e gheata acolo, cred doar ca cei doi au ori cauciucuri proaste ori habar nu au cum sa plece pe carosabil alunecos (zapada in cazul asta)… ori cate un pic din ambele. Decat sa iti iei all seasons mai bine iei pereche de „ciorapi” peste cauciucurile de vara. Din estimările reprezentanţilor Michelin România, reiese că vânzările de anvelope de iarnă se vor menţine şi anul acesta peste două milioane de unităţi, chiar dacă va exista, cel mai probabil, scădere faţă de anul 2011.

14 Feb

Bambillo vs Miracle Bamboo Pillow

Miracle bamboo pillow

What is Bambillo? – Bambillo is a destroyed flexible foam pad made out of Viscose removed from bamboo and cases to bolster your neck and back serenely while you rest soundly at evenings.

What is Miracle Bamboo Pillow? – Miracle Bamboo Pillow is a destroyed adaptable foam pad, which gives you advantages of bamboo texture with the goal that you get a decent night’s rest each night.

Decision – Both the cushions present to you the advantages of bamboo texture and have a similar reason. Subsequently we observe them be on par here.

Look at How can it function Bambillo versus Miracle Bamboo Pillow

How does Bambillo function? – The mystery of Bambillo lies in its exceptional plan that is customizable. It guarantees you that the cushion will modify precisely as per your shape and size while you are resting. It can likewise consider your resting stance to bolster your neck and body. Thus regardless of how you rest around evening time, you will have the capacity to get tranquil rest that you merit. The way that it’s produced using Viscose removed from bamboo presents to it the components of customizability and adaptability.

How does Miracle Bamboo Pillow function? – The highlight of the Miracle Bamboo Pillow is the bamboo texture that is utilized as a part of its making. In the first place, one needs to comprehend that this texture is more secure than cotton, as indicated by its cases. The cushion is profoundly movable, which implies your neck and body are given sufficient support to give you a chance to help rest serenely at evenings. Presently you won’t hurl and handing over bed at evenings because of the pad that additionally claims to be hostile to static, sturdy and breathable as well.

Decision – Both the pads take a shot at a similar rule, and that is the reason, Bambillo, and Bambillo Pillow are successful in this classification.

Look at Material Bambillo versus Miracle Bamboo Pillow

Bambillo Material – Bambillo is made out of Viscose removed out of Bamboo.

Supernatural occurrence Bamboo Pillow Material – Miracle Bamboo Pillow is made out of Bamboo texture that is more secure than cotton.

Decision – Both the pads are made out of comparable textures and equivalent in this class as well.

Analyze Features Bambillo versus Miracle Bamboo Pillow

Bambillo Features – Bambillo claims that it is a totally regular cushion that is likewise hypoallergenic so you can get a decent night’s rest without a care on the planet. It likewise declares that the cushion can conform in eight diverse approaches to permit you to get finish bolster independent of your resting stance. The normal bamboo strands of the cushion urge warmth to escape through the breathable texture, which is the reason you won’t wake up feeling awkward as a result of the warmth. It additionally affirms that it can reduce the weight on the delicate nerves of your head.

Marvel Bamboo Pillow Features – Miracle Bamboo Pillow accentuates in the way that it is a breathable cushion, which guarantees that you won’t wake up amidst the night since you are feeling hot. Besides, it affirms that your neck and cushion will have recently the perfect measure of support in any position you may rest. Therefore you won’t wake up feeling pain-filled and tired each morning. The pad is likewise hypoallergenic and against microbial, which makes it impervious to bugs, germs and smells too.

Decision – Bambillo and Miracle Bamboo Pillow have every one of the elements that you would search for in a pad intended to give you peaceful night’s rest.

Look at Benefits Bambillo versus Miracle Bamboo Pillow

Bambillo Benefits – for one thing, Bambillo can change in a few diverse approaches to offer your neck and body the bolster it needs while dozing. Subsequently do you get reviving rest as well as relief from a throbbing painfulness too. This bamboo pad additionally has points of interest over your standard pads that extend and pack your nerves to abandon you feeling numb, pain-filled and sore. Yet, that is not the situation with Bambillo, which weights on the way that it is hypoallergenic, which is a gift for hypersensitivity sufferers. It can likewise be proficient in crushing dust bugs, microscopic organisms, form and so on.

Supernatural occurrence Bamboo Pillow Benefits – Miracle Bamboo Pillow guarantees you a decent night’s rest each night while your neck and body are upheld quite recently the way they ought to be. Thus you wake up feeling revived and with no soreness. The bamboo texture it’s produced using is more secure than cotton, as per its cases. The pad cases to be hostile to static and strong, with the goal that you can make the most out of it for quite a while to come. It is additionally impervious to parasites, clean, microorganisms and other microbial particles since it is hypoallergenic.

Decision – The advantages offered by both the cushions are for all intents and purposes the same and thus they are both champs here.

  • Think about Sizes Bambillo versus Miracle Bamboo Pillow
  • Bambillo Sizes Available – It is accessible in King and Queen Sizes.
  • Wonder Bamboo Pillow – It is accessible in King and Queen Sizes.
  • Decision – Both the cushions are accessible in similar sizes, which is the reason there is no particular champ in this class.

Look at Color Bambillo versus Miracle Bamboo Pillow

Bambillo – Bambillo cushions are accessible in an assortment of hues; from chocolate to dim chestnut, red and blue, light dark, dim and white.

Supernatural occurrence Bamboo Pillow – Just one shading – white.

Decision – Bambillo presents to you an extensive variety of hues to look over and is the champ in this classification for us.

Think about Price Bambillo versus Miracle Bamboo Pillow

Bambillo Price – $29.99 in addition to delivery and taking care of charge of $7.99

Supernatural occurrence Bamboo Pillow Price – $59.99 in addition to transportation and dealing with charges.

Decision – Bambillo is unquestionably a considerable measure less expensive, which makes it emerge from other bamboo pads in the market and a champ in this class.

Think about What do I get? Bambillo versus Miracle Bamboo Pillow


You get two Bambillo adaptable foam pads at the cost of $29.99 + $7.99 S/h.

Marvel Bamboo Pillow – You get two Miracle Bamboo Pillow at the cost.

Analyze Pros/Cons Bambillo versus Miracle Bamboo Pillow

Bambillo Bamboo Pillow Advantages/Disadvantages

Works superior to customary pads – Juan who utilized Bambillo uncovered in his survey that the pad works much superior to your general ones. Truth be told, he affirmed that it could carry out the occupation of two of them and give you the wanted tallness and support. He likewise preferred the way that he could rest serenely around evening time without awakening on account of feeling hot.

Compose/Read Reviews

Not up to desires – Jason who purchased Bambillo whined in his survey that it simply doesn’t work and offer him the bolster he required. He purchased the cushion subsequent to becoming tied up with the buildup made by the infomercial yet that ended up being an entire misuse of cash. He additionally included that the cushion loses whatever quality it has when it gets wet.

Marvel Bamboo Pillow Advantages/Disadvantages

Awkward to mull over – Karen who utilized Miracle Bamboo Pillow griped in her audit that the cushion is far excessively pliant and along these lines not all that agreeable to think about. She additionally found that the cushion is plainly not solid like it claims and can be scratched effortlessly. The bamboo is additionally solid and firm, which can likewise be excruciating on occasion.

Just for side sleepers – Patricia who purchased Miracle Bamboo Pillow uncovered in her survey that the cushion is implied for side sleepers. She is a back sleeper herself and observed the pad to be awkward to think about. She additionally found that the cushion did not hold antimicrobial properties for quite a while.

12 Feb

Miracle Bamboo Pillow – Sleep Better

About Miracle Bamboo Pillow

Miracle bamboo pillow

The Miracle Bamboo Pillow is and As Seen On TV item accessible from MiracleBambooPillow.com, which says that their pad gives individuals “a chance to rest, feel, and live better.”

How Can It Work?

As per their site, a great many people comprehend the esteem a decent pad has toward helping us accomplish a soothing night’s rest and have encountered an awful cushion that has brought on neck torment, back torment, temperatures that are too warm, and then some.

The Miracle Bamboo Pillow gets its name from the external shell of the cushion which is produced using bamboo texture. This texture is depicted as being more grounded than silk and milder than cotton.

This pad is made with destroyed adaptable foam which is said to be hypoallergenic, with the capacity to oppose form, allergens, and clean vermin, and additionally having regular warmth scattering properties that will keep your pad cool throughout the night, so there is no compelling reason to flip the cushion amid the night.

This destroyed flexible foam is likewise portrayed as being extraordinary for back, side, or even stomach sleepers, and can fit in with your shape for the most abnormal amount of solace and support while as yet being able to bob back without straightening.

Taken a Toll/Price Plans

The site says that they right now have a get one, get one free advancement occurring which permits you to arrange a solitary Queen estimated cushion and its going with travel sack for $29.95 in addition to a Shipping and Handling charge of $9.95 and you can get your second Queen measured pad for another Shipping and Handling charge of $9.95, at an aggregate buy cost of $49.85. You can likewise redesign your pads to King size for an extra $10.00 charge for each pad, at an aggregate buy cost of $69.85.

Discount Policy

The site says that clients who are disappointed with their stock for any reason are welcome to give back the item inside 60 days of getting your request for a full discount of the price tag, yet the genuine connection for the Return Policy says that clients just have 30 days in which to finish their arrival. Clients ought to either contact Customer Service ahead of time of procurement to decide the right day and age for returns, or you can take after the 30-day Policy to guarantee your most obvious opportunity with regards to achievement.

To give back a thing, you should first contact their Customer Service group by telephone to get a Return Authorization number and get your arrival guidelines. Unapproved returns won’t be acknowledged, and all delivery expenses are the duty of the client.

Client Service Contact Info

Clients who might want to contact Customer Service with any inquiries, concerns, or grumblings can do as such by telephone at 844-270-8414 or by email at [email protected]


This item has a wide range of blended surveys, yet it is critical to note that the greater part of their positive audits shows up on Amazon.com. On different sites where audits show up, they are all negative in nature.

When all is said in done the negative remarks provide details regarding one of two issues, the first being that they felt this cushion was much heavier and harder than the advertisements and site would persuade.

The second protest that was rehashed habitually was the solid concoction notice the cushions had, which is normal for items that are froth based and are sent directly from a processing plant. These items frequently require time to let some circulation into before you can utilize them, yet clients of this item gripe even after the item was disclosed, the substance smell remained.

Contenders and Alternatives?

Surely your nearby home merchandise store is probably going to contain various distinctive pads produced using comparable materials, or diverse materials which offer similar guarantees of solace and support.

On the off chance that you have involvement with this organization or their items, please leave your Miracle Bamboo Pillow audits underneath.